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We have a store on the farm that has all sorts of cool stuff! From one of a kind gifts to show saddles and custom show clothes! Open by appointment or when we're around, appointments are free for everyone and it just ensures that someone is around, just give us a call before you head out.

Some of our custom creations:

Old barn wood with a bit attached makes a great wall piece! Also available with curbs and a great way to display those western show bits, there is no damage to the bit by making this and they can be removed and used on a horse again!

Believe it or not, helmets have a life span. After 5 years you need to replace your helmet even if it has no damage. But they can be repurposed into a hanging planter with the help of some old leather and an old bit!

A halter shelf is a great way to display awards or photos of a beloved horse! We can make them out of trophy halters or the daily barn halter. For show horse folks, we know we can only use so many halters on one horse, this is a great way to display your trophy halter. I added a hook on the bottom of one to hold some spurs and the shelf part is great for displaying trophy buckles!

A new life for old or damaged silver! After a fire destroyed the tack this silver was on I couldn't stand to just throw it away. So after a while ideas started coming and soon jewelry was made and my grooming trunk got an upgrade! If you have old or damaged silver from tack and want custom jewelry, call us!


                                       Tack, show clothes and more!

                               Please call for more info or to come see stuff, 360 825 5617

                   No, we are not going out of business, just downsizing stuff. More pictures coming soon!

Blue ultra suede chaps, scalloped trim silver conchos, Excellent condition. Worn for walk/jog, zipper length is 25.5", inseam is 28", thigh 21", calf 16.5. $40

Black and cream by 1849, zippered back, very classy! Shoulder to cuff is 24", shoulder to shoulder is 17", About a teens small/medium. $20

Brown/ bronze  casual shirt, embroidered texture and subtlely sequined, silverish buttons. FIts medium. $35


Custom black suede, inseam and zipper 33", scalloped edge $30

Hobby Horse black ultra suede, scalloped edge, silver buckles, inseam 33", zipper 35" $50

Black light weight ultra suede, scalloped edge, thigh 28", zipper 27", large, could be taken in. $30

Custom navy blue ultra suede, scalloped edge, silver conchos, very soft! Elastic on thigh, zipper 30", inseam 32", calf 16"   $75

Custom black ultra suede, scalloped edge, zipper 32", inseam 31", thigh 19", calf 13" excellent condition. $50

Black suede, worn in, (would be good practice chaps) zipper 25.5", thigh 22", calf 14.5" $25


Western, hunt and cutback saddles.

Bits, bridles, harness, and so much more!

Pony and horse stuff

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