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Find the Secret Pony

This is a fun game for your kids while they're stuck at home during this quarantine. It's like a treasure hunt, but with ponies! Hide however many ponies you want (IE how long you want your kid busy) and give them some clues to find them. This can be a fast game or it could take all day, depending on how you want it to go. They can search inside the house, around the yard, or both!


We are in the process of building fun kits that contain everything you need for kids to find the ponies and build their own stable to play with. You just provide clues because we have no idea what your house/ yard looks like. They can be as simple as "the couch" then put a pony under a throw pillow. Or "clean your room to find the next clue", then put the clue in the last place they would normally clean, or give it to them when they finish.

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