SUMMER CAMPS ARE FULLY BOOKED FOR THE YEAR! Missed out on summer camp? We offer lessons year-round starting at 4 years old, many of our riders are grown adults, don't be shy!

Keep in mind that your horses, and ours, depend on us staying healthy to take care of their daily needs. If you don't feel good, at all, in any way, please stay home. 

Gift certificates are always available and may be purchased by mail or picked up at the farm.

Midnight Mountain Farm is a full care boarding and riding lesson facility. Sondjia has been training champion horses and riders for over 60 years, first in Rolling Hills California and in Enumclaw for the past 36 years! Between Sondjia and her daughter, Sondra, they have 90 years experience!

Gift certificates always available!



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Our farm is proudly drama free, people causing drama are asked to leave our peaceful environment.


Contact Sondjia

The best way is to call
(360) 825-5617