Summer Camps
Ages 5 to 18, all experience levels
During our 5 day camp:
* Western, Hunt Seat, Saddle Seat, bareback and leading.
*Grooming - for health and show.
*Basic Vet Care - what you can do yourself and when to call a vet.
*Feeding - Different horses have very different diets, including vitamins and supplements.
*Parts of the horse and tack.
*Equine Conformation and how to choose the right horse.
*Fun stick horse and saddle blanket art.
*Safety Stall project.
*Noxious Weeds - What should not be growing in your pastures.

Camps are limited capacity because we give individual attention when campers are riding. A few campers ride while the others learn stable management and then they switch. These camps are a great immersion for beginning students and more experienced students can hone their knowledge.